New Moon – May 2021


New Moon in Aries

Tuesday 11th May 2021 at 20:01 (BST)


Once again, today’s New Moon starts a Lunar cycle which has us navigating the energies of fire and earth.  On the cusp of Aries and Taurus, with a slight square to Saturn in Capricorn and with Saturns’ continued square to Uranus:


 what it means to « Be of service »


our understanding



a daily practice..

…continues to be our theme.

Living our lives purpose, requires patience, hard work and perseverance.  In fact it requires everyday of our lives! With Mars (the planetary ruler of of Aries), square to Chiron in pisces and with Venus (the planetary ruler of Taurus), slightly square to Jupiter; taking a mature and responsible attitude  is required, so that we can integrate the healing offered and discern which relationships can be steadily restructured, turned around; thus enabling us to serve our lives purpose, which nourishes all equally.

All other aspects are harmonious and support our continued work on purifying the Psyche .  So dive deeper into your practice for these last 10 days. Stretch the position with an even consciousness, feel the entire fabric of your body and go inwards. With the Sun trine to Pluto, psychological restraints and physical resistance will start to leave us.  You may even feel to practice twice or experience 5 or even 11 minutes of the practice.  Trust your intuition and practice both sides equally.  Generally any fears will seem more distant, and you may even begin to relive certain situations, with such a detachment;

it is as if they had  happened to someone else..

The tests of life are the fires of transformation, having over coming doubt and fear we emerge with a deeper confidence in self.  Gradually we throw off the shackles that prevent us from burning with the full clarity of our divine flame of love.  Peace, Chiron in Pisces, offers a respite from the fire that is all consuming.

When we are balanced in our psyche, the intensity of the fire is naturally set against the coldness of a serenity and we are able to manifest both.  We can use our inner fire to drive us to do beautiful things, allowing our creative expression to manifest in the most beautiful forms and flowingly allow the soul to be cooled by peace,  be regenerated and inspired to new depths and creative heights in due course.

From the slow and steady sweat of our work will come sweet success..  so act as if it already has.  It is only a matter of time before it does, out of this success will arise new levels of experience and creative manifestation.  We are now in a powerful cycle of creation, alternately intense and serene, dancing from one to the other is our mission, until it is as natural as day moving into  night.  I tell myself this as I fulfil my intention to write a weekly post and to inspire you to practice the art of Yoga, the art of humanology.

This cycle will bear fruit. Offer your full contribution to the good of humanity and your harvest will consist not only of earthly delights but also of heavenly blessings.

Om Shanti 


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