May Day



1st May 2020

In the language of flowers the Lilly of the Valley signifies the return of happiness.  There are many folk legends associated with this flower from the returning love of the nightingale, Apollo who used them to protect his muses feet, they symbolised Mary’s tears in Christian tradition and Eves on leaving the garden of Eden.  In Scandinavia, like in France these flowers are given on the first of May, when the chances of frost have disappeared and Spring is truly with us. In fact Charles the IX was the first to offer a sprig as a lucky charm.

With the Sun and Mercury in Aries and the Moon moving into Leo there is a lot of the fire element available today.  Mars sits in Earthy Capricorne in direct opposition to the Moon, showing us that anything we Do today can help us with changing our future and building a Legacy.

Here in our village in Saint Pabu the scumpticious odour of the Lilly of the Valley fills the air, many gardens are rich with a blanket of these beautiful flowers, so I offer these photos from my heart to yours reminding us, in this time of isolation, that happiness is a choice and we can choose to spread it.. And that a smile costs nothing and gives a lot.

A smile comes easily when you know how to Breathe

So the next time you feel angered or frustrated breathe deeply, hold your breath for as long as possible and slowly exhale.. If the sentiment is still present repeat the process.  If it’s still there repeat it again. Slow down your breathing and everything will be ok.. aim to breath just 4 or 5 inhalations per minute… and teach your children do do the same..

Lets Breathe Together


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