Happy Easter





As I sit to write this post the Moon is reflecting the light of the sun  from Pisces whilst sitting in the fiery healing constellation of Ophiuchus. Fire and water combine to allow life to flow with a loving force.  With Mars and Venus still dancing in harmony, our male and female, dynamic and receptive,  purposeful and creative aspects are in Harmony.  Prepare to change and to fast forward your Spiritual evolution.  To become the healed healer, today is a day to expect the unexpected. To have fun.

Fire and water create steam, a powerful force that makes us advance and rise.  The healing Fire of Opiuchus gives us unlimited energy whilst the water element of Pisces helps us to follow the unfolding movement of our universe and self.  This movement can be gentle or we can be caught in a tumultuous torrent.  It is wise to relax as change is inevitable. These energies come to us today stimulating the changes, decisions, or important challenges required to become the Healed healer.  Helping us to enjoy life and filling us with new perspectives and enthusiasm.  Once you’ve made up your mind your energy will increase tenfold and give you the momentum and determination required to be  propelled into a higher state of being.

If you know which direction you wish to go you will be pushed with surprising grace and ease. If it is not clear in your mind, it may be that something unexpected will happen. So, expect the unexpected and enjoy the changes that lie ahead.
Someone recently commented that I still had a lot to learn, that my mind was like a Childs.  But is not the mind of child, free from Global conditioning, able to create a new?So look at the world through a child’s eyes and you will see with more height and lightness.  And remember that everything will happen for your own good.

Now I go into my garden to dance under the Moons gentle light to play at being the Easter Bunny and sprinkle chocolate eggs in the grass…. I wish you all at happy Easter with your loved ones and if you find yourself alone maybe this is the day that the light will shine on your mind and your inner Guide will speak with such clarity that all doubt disperses once and for all.  To understand…

God is but Love
therefore so am I


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