December New Moon 2019


 New Moon in Sagittarius

Thursday 26th December – 5.13 GMT



This last New Moon of the year takes place in adventurous fire sign of Sagittarius and includes a total solar eclipse, in close conjunction to Jupiter.  Depending on where we are along our journey of consciousness, these next few days could be the beginning of a totally new way of being.  When we decide to step back and let all our actions be motivated by love then we evolve in leaps and bounds.  Ultimately the desire to see the truth leads to a change in our beliefs; we stop blaming everything around us for our state of mind and realise that it is a choice.

The notion of « Desire » does not always get good press along the Spiritual path, but for those of us that take the time to meditate and go beyond the « desires » of ego; the melting our wills with that of the divine leads to ever increasing joy and contentment.  The desires of our mental body are always transitory, holding our attention for short moments of time, where as divine desires will fascinate us throughout our existence.  To find them we have to surrender completely, no question of shame or judgement.  These desires are our real reason of being..

So today I simply share with you an audio of my Son playing « space notes », listen…. let go and allow yourself to release your mind from that you think you want and you might just begin to feel that the ultimate human experience is that of Peace.

Om Namo Naraya Naya



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