November New Moon 2019


 New Moon in Scorpio

Tuesday 26th November – 15.06 GMT


Heaven is a place on Earth

The November New Moon will sit just within the constellation of Scorpio.  This watery constellation is ruled by Mars and encourages us to expose the truth, penetrating the depths of life through deep involvements.  The qualities of transparency and honesty will expose the truth in each of us and to the extent that we can share this truth, though non-attached and open bonds, will we reap the rewards.

This made me think of rainbows.  Here in Brittany it’s Rainbow season,  my personal internal rainbow barometer can feel their arrival and their subsequent majestic appearance still overwhelms me with delight.  They are a cosmic sign that ultimately no matter what is going on around us there is a greater force at work.

As we sit with the energies of this new Lunar cycle may I encourage you to meditate on the planetary body of Uranus.  Uranus energy seeks for freedom, to liberate us from stasis.  Uranus is remarkable in its ability to influence, our will, feeling and thought.  This month Uranian aspects are held in opposition to Mars (our will) and trine to Venus (relationships) and Jupiter (opportunities).  Uranus can bestow the ability to understand the hidden elements within life, from the viewpoint of the superconscious, when we decide to let go of the ego’s demands we open to inspiration and constructive change.

In truth that which you call Freedom is the strongest of these chains, though its links glitter in the sun and dazzle your eyes

Kahil Gibran


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