September Full Moon 2019


 Full Moon in Pisces

Saturday 14th September –  04.33 BST

IMG_5990If you look closely at the above picture you can just see the nearly full Moon rising on the horizon.  Although the stars are not yet visible this Wine Moon rises on the cusp of innovative Aquarius (ruled by Saturn residing in Sagittarius) and intuitive Pisces (ruled by Neptune, sitting right next to the Moon in Pisces).  This Moon evokes a presence of compassion, enabling us to seek and find peace by being mindful of All of Life, of the importance of trusting in our inter- connectivity and acting with care for the generations to come.  At this time of the Lunar cycle the Moon is directly opposite the Sun which sits in the fiery constellation Leo, aiding our creativity and self-expression.  Mars, also fuelled with Leo’s charisma gives us the self determined will to listen to our inner voice and act accordingly, with a harmonious Trine to Saturn the required discipline and perseverance may come quite naturally.  Jupiter, expansive in its nature, sits in Ophiuchus and is square to both Mars and Neptune; suggesting that…

Life shrinks and expands according to ones courage

Anais Nin

As Aquarius is about changing the status quo both individually and collectively, with Venus and Mercury moving into earthy Virgo our courage or strength of heart to stand up and make a difference is of paramount importance to the whole of Humanity and that this requires..

Action…. not reaction

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