No smoke without fire


What better wealth than health

Rhythm, sound, breath, light are all vibration and vibration has a frequency.  This leads us to understand that nothing is fixed.. We live in a vibrating Universe and everything is connected to everything else.  The ability to Feel and navigate the  currents of life leads us into a harmonious equilibrium or a balanced state of being.

The relationship between our environment, body, soul and spirit is what makes us happy and healthy or the reverse.  Sensing , watching and experiencing are the keys to re-remembering our true essence and this personal achievement is our own personal decision.  As we wake up we realise that our only purpose is to serve and be there to help others; no matter how long it takes..

It is not time that is important but life

When inner certainty is lost in a veil of self delusion, disease or disorder are the echoes or the consequence of this mental attitude.  A constantly recurring sequence of thoughts eventually creates – this is the law of our universe.  Our illnesses are the visible smoke rising up as a result of the invisible fire within the mental world.  Even so called genetic diseases are sickness inducing attitudes towards life, prejudices and ways of thinking that are passed onto our children.  This may seem like an extreme statement to make, but it is the base of Ayurveda and we have nothing to loose by taking responsibility of our health.

So with the New Moon upon us let us take a look at how it effects our human form and what we can then « do » or « be » to improve our health.  The Moon sits in the constellation of Taurus.. these are ruled by the earth element and are linked to the Jaws and neck.. this includes the teeth, ears, larynx and vocal chords and thyroid gland.

Earth days are « cold » so extra care must be taken to prevent chills.  A scarf is a very simple remedy!  What I suggest is that you simply meditate on this area or your body and observe.. try and listen to what your pain or discomfort is telling you.  The earth element is linked to the base chakra or Muladhara, it’s our willingness to be present no matter what is going on!

Mental Invitations

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