What is Fear?



Fear is a feature which all human beings tend to suffer from, it can be seen as a dark cloud that in one form or another over shadows human life.  Fear is based on instinct and stems from the animal world where it is a prerequisite for survival.  In man fear can be seen as ignorance, it is the dominant astral energy and is created by the interaction of the emotional and mental planes of existence.

The fears of modern man are complex.  With the increased sensitivity associated with an evolving consciousness intertwined with the competitive existence of today, past pain and misery are remembered and projected into the future. The exaggerated thought forms built up are further magnified as « energy follows thought » and an individual can often suffer excruciating mental anguish and pain.

Fear is an illusion, but that does not make it easier to dismiss. Let us consider that each individual life has it’s own pattern, stage of development, celestial influences and soul programming all adjusted and arranged in accordance to the position occupied in time and space.

Thus, there are the fears of loss; of health and eventual death;  the fear of the future; including the loss of money, status, popularity or friendship; the fear of pain; the fear of failure; the fear of loneliness, of retribution, of darkness, of the unknown and the great beyond ….

Fear can be seen as ignorance, because as knowledge and understanding enter into the mind, wisdom begins reign and fear starts to disappear.

Here are the links to two Invocations to help you over come fear….

By developing self confidence and trust in ourselves and others, by giving power to  our Soul infused thoughts eventually we see all experiences as they truly are –

the gaining of experience on the Path Progress

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