Kindness Kriya – Day 39




Art by Alyson Grey

The Moon today highlights the humanitarian qualities of Aquarius and the ability to envision new ways of being, seeing and doing to create a better future for all.  It is not so much that human nature has to be changed but rather that the good that is always present must be uncovered.  The toughened layers of an outer appearance must be softened and penetrated to expose the inner core which is essentially the same in all beings. There is no problem, whatever its nature, that can withstand the pervasive efforts of kindness.

As one knows, more one judges less

There is wisdom in holding back on an opinion and cultivating an attitude free from criticism.  Eliminating criticism does not mean a lack of discrimination, falsity and insincerity can be recognised for what they are, but our reaction need not be one of condemnation.  When we adopt the attitude of the « on looker » or the « observer » we can regard life and its happenings with acceptance and « divine indifference » thus seeing life with the eyes of the soul – that is with love and impartiality.  So often criticism and suspicion are nothing but a reflection of our own short comings.

Try this…. on the turn of every hour close your eyes and quietly repeat to yourself..

I am determined to see life differently

and to every troubling thought….

I chose peace instead of  this thought about  (name thought)

Together we can find a better way 

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