Kindness Kriya – Day 35


Good Will

You can never be lost
when you have never been apart from me
You can never depart and never return
For we are continuous. Indistinguishable.

Another way of expressing Kindness is Good Will, it is much easier to recognise the value in others when we recognise our own value.  Encouraging others on their path and to be of service creates a spiritual power. In knowing that we are sustained by the Universe, there is no fear of competition or comparison, no fear of missing out and it closes the doors of  glamour and illusion.  Only situations where everyone gains will help to evolve humanity. And thus the good will of one individual creates a collective energy of good will, this is unity consciousness.

It stands to reason the more light that we can embody, the better our vision.  The greater our vision the more responsibility we have in using our spiritual power and the more important it is to use our integrity.

Listen to your heart, you will feel good when you are being authentic and uneasy, anxious or even furious when you are obliged to question yourself to please another.  There are always psychological, emotional or physical symptoms when we are being inauthentic.  If you feel embarrassed it’s time to question your integrity.

Integrity is a mark of the strength of our character and develops over time.  When we become conscious of our words, actions and intensions we can make choices based on Integrity.  Little by little our mental aura develops, releasing us from the emotional body and hence our simple presence magnetises new experiences, we no longer run after or force to manifest events; real circumstances, events, people and occasions come to us.

Remembering that there is a time for everything and that whether we understand it or not the « Universe is unfolding as it ought to » 

All Good things come to he who waits

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