Kindness Kriya – Day 34


The Divine Alchemist



We are now three quarters of the way through our Kriya. If you have taken the time to repeatedly practise any one of the exercises given you will be noticing a difference, an ease or just a greater sense of stability.  Standing on one foot whilst brushing your teeth may now seem relatively natural…so you could even try closing your eyes!!  Thank you to those of you that have shared your experiences.. let’s see what this last week brings.

The healing and transformation that we seek can only take place if we embrace change.   The most significant astrological force today is Pluto’s pause in the sky before going retrograde in Sagittarius, for the next six months.  Pluto is the planet of deep change and transformation, of unveiling the truth, of endings and new beginnings.  Eliminating our deep emotional attachments enables a free-spirited and adventurous attitude towards life, imperative if we are to feel alive and bring into manifestation our souls purpose.

With Jupiter the ruler of Sagittarius in Ophiuchus, the constellation of healing.  Life is likely bring our way situations which help us use our integrity.  Situations where we might feel…I’ve been here before!  What’s new is how we act in these situations, how we decide to use the light of our consciousness as a spiritual alchemist and transform the situation simply by our presence.  By choosing to be Kind to ourselves and others.

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