kindness kriya – Day 31



With the gateway to the wisdom of the Moon wide open what kinder act but to consider how we nourish our physical and mental bodies and our souls. The creation of a strong vehicle to receive these Lunar energies forms a great part of our spiritual growth.

The Physalis or « amour-en-cage » grows wonderfully here in my garden, the original plant from one of my students, thank you Dany.  It’s ripe orange fruits are mixture of sweet and sour to perfection. Obviously happy on a south- east facing wall, she has been giving fruit since the beginning of winter, In fact, when well situated this plant will flower all year round.  I extend the invitation (Annie I trust yours is flourishing) to offer seeds or a smaller sized plant!  A few of these gems for breakfast is quite a sufficient dose of body, mind and soul nourishment if meditated upon 🙂

I would like to thank all who participated in yesterdays recording.. Uniting our voices in surrendering to love was beautiful. I look forward to many more creative vocal moments.

Om Shanti

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Une réflexion sur “kindness kriya – Day 31

  1. Merci Gail pour tous ces jolis mots.
    Le plant de physalis pousse super bien ; la première fleur s’est ouverte hier, quelle surprise ! J’en prends le plus grand soin.
    A bientôt.


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