Kindness Kriya – Day 30


A great gesture

The « great gesture » represents the willingness to let divine grace  express itself in your life in an innovative way.  This type of bold gesture, tinged with love, letting go and trust, provokes in the universe a dazzling display of creativity, grace, generosity and genius.  At certain times, you feel ready to force the pace, no matter what.  At this point, nobody can change your mind.  You have made a decision and you are determined to tell the Universe, without  hesitation…..

I surrender to Love

Whatever your cultural heritage….Remember that Love unites and when we unite that power becomes stronger and stronger and the result of our gesture will pass all of our expectations.

This afternoon a group of us will record our voices, by the end of the afternoon we will share our efforts and send them out into the world at large.  Thank you to all that I have had the pleasure to sing with.. if you can not join us, be with us in heart and I am sure other moments will arrive for us to add your voice to our expression of Love.


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