Kindness kriya – Day 26




As the Moon grows in amplitude and continues to do so until the full moon at the weeks end, the energies of the constellation from which this celestial body shines become more apparent and potent. The creative energies of Leo are there to help us find what inspires us..

Ask yourself

What are you excited about?

What are your natural gifts and abilities?

How do you naturally express yourself?

How do you impact those around you?

What do you have to share with others?

What is your vision of the future?

Ideas are the bricks from which the Divine plan  is constructed.  Occasionally, a Master may by mental telepathy bring a particular idea to the attention of a « disciple » a good example would be the works of Alice Bailey and more recently the book « A course in Miracles ».  But usually it’s left to the initiative of the thinker to penetrate the intuitive levels, by means of a focused mind and a determined will to do good, and recognise those specific ideas which are required for the purpose of this life.

In Esoteric literature this world of ideas is also known under as the « Raincloud of Knowable things » – an expression derived from the writings of the Sage Patanjali.

However, as spiritual truths penetrate the spheres of matter, they unavoidably become distorted, just like a beam of light passing through a crystal. The absolute truth is rather elusive to the average man, even Yogi’s that have experienced Samadhi (in any of it’s degrees) find it hard to describe their experience.. which leaves the use of poetry, art or musique as preferable forms of expression.

The materialisation of a vision on the physical plane is rarely the work of one individual, the thought is communicated to many and only after several workers have contributed their share towards its vivification will it be physically brought to life.

Aart Jurriaanse – Bridges

So this Saturday afternoon (20th April) using the earth energy of the full Moon in Virgo, instead of a Full Moon Kriya,  I invite you to record your voice… post to follow…

As the history of the world is but the recording of the results that have been progressively accrued

All we can do individually is to gather and distil all that can be discerned and then act and live accordingly

Let us Surrender to Love



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