Kindness Kriya – Day 25


Self awareness



Today the Sun, Mercury, Venus and chiron are all in the constellation of Pisces, the Moon Leo and Mars Taurus..The energies emanating from these celestial bodies subject the human system to constant streams of energy which directly or indirectly,  but definitely incessantly affect all our being and doing.  Thus Astrology is incredibly helpful in the process of understanding ourselves.  An individual Horoscope can help us to see the lessons that are being learnt in this life time and the ares of our life that they are happening in.

However, as the soul begins to awaken and exerts more of an influence on our unfolding spiritual life the applicability of an individual horoscope will diminish and an increased interest will be generated in the Universal picture.  The materialisation of a larger Plan and the individual role to be played as an integral part of this greater whole will become an evidence. Sooner or later continued self awareness will lead to the cultivation of this vision.  It is then the dedication applied to the mastering of our natural talents and abilities which will enable us to harness the immense power necessary to manifest that vision and the arrival of Our authentic voice.

As we being to realise that ‘all is energy’ and that all of manifestation is in constant movement or vibration and that all of existence is constantly influenced by the most bizarre complex of interrelated and interacting streams of energy we can only surrender  to a United cause.  For today I ask you to remember that..

We are all in this together


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