Kindness Kriya – Day 20




Taurus, like Pisces, is a large constellation. With the energies of the New Moon gaining momentum it’s a perfect time just to be grateful for our internal and external resources.   With the Sun in Pisces square to Saturn, we are being made aware of our limits, both self imposed and those imposed by society and the need for acceptation and to wait.  Saturn brings the lesson of Time, that there is a time for everything.

In Yôga, Saturn is linked to the first or Root Chakra – Muladhara.  It’s the sacred geometrical square of the earth element and solidity.  It’s the desire to create tangible material results and to question their inherent value and Saturn is a very exacting task master.  Here lie judgement, skepticism and other heavy belief structures.

Many people lead a life that is not right for them.  It may lack purpose or it’s too rigid.  Being unconscious of the possibility of a more abundant life the body may give strong signals by becoming sick, a relationship might fail or depression overcomes their mind and feelings are often totally shut down.

This waiting phase can be very difficult and many are those who would rather do anything than live through it. The vast majority of humans are obsessively identified with our body, our emotions, our intellect and our ego. We have come to believe that we are separate individuals whose fulfilment lies in seeking our own satisfaction, even at the expense of those around us.  But what if we have an over riding goal, a goal worthy of our complete dedication, an ideal so lofty that we can keep our eyes on it no matter what circumstances come our way.

Today we are half way through our Kriya and my goal, our goal, has been to sew Kindness.  With an over riding goal, we begin to find that many of our problems fall away of their own accord, everything falls into perspective and we know what to do with our time, with our energy and it is easier to see and make choices.

With our eyes on the goal we gradually wake up to our true nature, which is ever pure and ever perfect.  We realise that Heaven and Hell are both places on Earth that they are  states of consciousness. Gradually we can over come identification with the body, mind and Ego and we find that the freedom of living in harmony with the Unity of all life was waiting for us all the time.

This is enchantment, this is joy and heaven is Here and Now.

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