Kindness Kriya – Day 9


Self Love

Today we have the energy of Mercury moving our minds forward and the moon moving slowly out of Sagittarius and into Capricorn. Today is a great day for embodying our free-spirited and inspiring side.  I have been walking around my garden for the past half an hour, feet wet with dew (and covered with freshly cut grass), letting my consciousness fly backwards through the back of my head and bathe there in a spiritual bubble bath of unlimited possibility.  Once we have felt this presence of our divine self it is there on permanence.

 Just like a cork floating on water, if we push it down to the bottom as soon as we let go it will bob back up!

The creation of this site is to share the energy of unity consciousness, to be a light weaver and to show the beauty of life through our conscious creations.  What greater kindness to self but to be able to share our inspirations and hence inspire others by doing so.

Today’s post is thus a bit different… Our minds, with Mercury retrograde have spent a few weeks in the dreamy energy of ideals and aspirations, whether you conscious or not we are born full of creativity.. this is life….when we surrender to our inner feelings and intuitions we can walk another path, we allow our inner guidance to lead, life flows. Things ave a tendency just to « happen »… Call it synchronicity, living in the moment allows our dreams to manifest.

The key is letting the universe bring them to your door step

My path has brought me to a point of poetry and music and dance – how we can use the word, voice and movement and transform the physical body into a representation of spirit..

For the rest of the Kriya I will weave in all the people I have had a the pleasure to encounter along the way, sewing a web of light and love through unity consciousness.

Sunday April 7th there is a three hour practice. I have weaved together the for mentioned exercises and added a few more.. creating a personal practise that will help integrate your spiritual awareness into your physical body.  I will share this practise via a private post so you can refer to it at will.

Dancing into Heaven’s Presence


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