Full Moon Kindness Kriya – Day 6




Keeping track on the Moon, she now passes into the redeeming constellation of Ophiuchus. This healing and transformative energy helps us to dive deep and accept all aspects of ourselves, bringing a sense of renewal and rejuvenation. Resistance simply hides the truth and stops us from moving on.  Real acceptation would bring us into the present moment, showing us clearly the reality we face and how to to act in full consciousness.  Our capacity to accept clears our vision and lightens our heart, giving us the strength to follow our path and allow new chances to present themselves.

Today is my Birthday..And I have entered into my 50th year on Earth.. That, as I sat and meditated seemed quite remarkable an achievement.  Which led me to deepen my acceptation of self, grey hairs and laughter lines included, and be overwhelmed with goodwill and gratitude for all that I have experienced so far.

It is easy to know that you are in your rightful place and that you alone in decide your destiny when you are at peace with yourself. This makes it possible to recognize this qualities in others. With the absence from fear and non-competitive spirit: only encouragement remains.

Take a look in the Mirror today. Look into your own eyes, you could even do this whilst standing on one leg and brushing your teeth with the opposite hand and practice saying..

I completely Love and accept Myself

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