Springing to Life


Light Weaving

First stitches of light

As the winter comes to a close and we observe the first buds spring into bloom… What a wonderful time to say Thank you.
So I would like to thank everyone that I have had the pleasure to meet, connect, teach, learn from, play and create with. Each of these experiences has given me the opportunity to celebrate the essence of life and be reminded of our Divine Presence.
An attitude of gratitude for all that comes our way is not always an easy state of being to uphold. Positive experiences are far easier to be Thankful for, but a wave of profound peace will enter into our consciousness and subsequently permeate our life when the thorns of judgement are left aside and we realise that our « failures » are simply when the current experience does not meet our ego’s expectations, our fears are simply when love falls short of infinity and miracles are when the ego is surpassed and more than we could ever have imagine comes to pass.

In Re-remembering the greatest version of ourselves we need to be prepared to let judgment go, to chose to see the light in others, understand our joint worth and « up grade » the collective consciousness by our conscious intension to live with Integrity.

In a world where the Ego has reigned, (even our small children are encouraged to compete, given stars and medals for the smallest of achievements or graded upon their first efforts to learn) we could say it’s a Dog eat Dog Life.  But how about we turn that around and our moto becomes God feeds God.

For the next forty days I simply intend to create an inspiring daily post, to take the time to thank each of you that I have had the pleasure of creating with… whatever the result of our joint efforts.  I intend to share either an exercise, a meditation or inspirational activity to re-remember our innate creativity and the practise of Plenty.

The Rules are so clear
There’s nothing to fear
the truth is true
create a new
it’s up to you

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