Insights – March 2019


The Moon

Our fastest moving Celestial friend is the Moon, she transits through the Houses and makes aspects to our Natal chart with rapidity.  Every few days she changes constellation.  The Moon aspects everything in a chart – in every possible way- every 27 days.  If we were seriously affected by such prolific transits, we would experience major life changes every few days.  So we are wiser, to see the moon as a carrier of energy or as a « translator » of light.  Acting like a a torch shining on an object in the dark so that attention is focused onto the object rather than the source of light.

Using the disciplined mutable earth energy of Virgo and the desire to stay centred of Pisces it’s a very opportune time to focus on your intensions and act accordingly.

I saw an Angel in the Marble
and I carved and carved
until I set it free

Michel d’angelo

If you take a quick look again at the Observations for this Full Moon you will see at the bottom that I placed two links.

With the arrival of Spring coinciding with the Full Moon I suggested the beginning of a Forty Day Kriya.

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