March New Moon 2019


 New Moon in Aquarius

Wednesday 6th March – 16.04 GMT

The New Moon is a time for New beginnings, inner reflection and for clearing the space for the month ahead.  If you were to look up into the nights’ sky (trusting it’s cloud and pollution free) you would see that the New Moon is in the Constellation of Aquarius.  Even if you do not follow Astrology, you could simply sit and feel the energies tugging at your true self to challenge the status quo, both individually and collectively, and to set new intensions that will make a contribution to our community.

Last month the Earthy energies of Capricorn had us looking at routine, discipline and the practical matters that structure life.  This month, with Neptune sitting right beside the Moon we could find ourselves feeling dreamy and idealistic.  The progressive Airy energy of Aquarius will encourage us to look at our true self, to challenge our routine and perceive things outside our range of normality and to re-remember what excites us.  To LISTEN to our dreams and act on our intuitions. With Mercury in Pisces turning retrograde until the end of the month, it’s a time to reconsider and evaluate, to be flexible. By reintegrating the spiritual dimension and revealing our true Self we cultivate true freedom and can become a contributing factor to world growth and be of true service to humanity.

The Utopia of Today
is the reality of Tomorrow

Victor Hugo

The Moon sextiles to Mars, happily at home in Aries, so directness and assertiveness are readily at hand along with the patience and discipline of Saturn, ruler of Aquarius, in  purposeful Sagittarius.

The area of your life that these Lunar energies pertain to will depend on your Star sign.

As a Piscean, this would be the 12 House and matters relating to inner peace and connectedness.. Deepening my meditative practise and surrendering to Love are first and foremost in my consciousness as well as expressing my joy of Life through Song and Dance…


What will you Dare to Be?

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