Grounding Meditation


Grounding Meditation

In this time and in this space

I now allow myself to experience my full connexion to Source, Myself, My body, and to Mother Earth.

While this connection is ever present

I forgive myself for the moments I have forgotten it existed, or denied my connection.

It is safe to be in my body and it is safe to connect.

I acknowledge myself as an infinite being of divine light.

The more I deepen my awareness of myself as an aspect of the divine;

The more i recognise the divine in others.

It is safe to connect with Mother Earth.

As I connect with her, I do so at the divine level.

I perceive her in all her beauty and divine perfection.

It is with the deepest gratitude that I consciously expand and deepen my connection to her.

Her radiant light glows like a star within the centre of the planet.

This light is an expression of her wisdom, universal lifeforce energy and love.

As well as the knowledge and collective experiences of all those who live upon her.

Mother Earth supports me with Infinite vitality and abundance.

Her beautiful light expands from the centre of the Earth

moving up through the layers of her crust, through the ground.

Her warm and gentle energy begins to penetrate through the bottoms of my feet and into my body;

like an ocean wave her light washes over each and every cell 

illuminating any area of darkness, tension, stress, imbalance

or perceived disconnection,

until it is transformed and restored to its natural state of divine perfection.

She shares without restriction or reservation unconditional love with me, 

nourishing and invigorating every cell of my body.

As this light grows brighter and stronger within me

I feel my cells begin to pulse in perfect time with that of Mother Earth.

Hers is the heart beat of the divine.

As I chose to match her rhythm

I once again resonate in balance with all life in the universe.

As I breath, her light and mine become one, expanding with every breath.

As I vibrate in alignment with the universal rhythm this energy extends beyond me and out to the centre of the universe.

This life force energy is infused with universal light and is returned to me

flowing gently into the crown of my head.

As this light permeates all the cells in my body

my cells absorb the knowledge and wisdom of the universe.

This new life force energy is sent back through me

to the core of Mother Earth

where the process begins again

I am one with Mother Earth

and all life upon her

I am one with all that is

and so it is….

 Wendy Kennedy – higher

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