February Full Moon 2019


 Full Moon in Leo

Tuesday 19th February – 15.53 GMT


The Full Moon of February rises just before sunset in the constellation of Leo.  WE are encouraged to receive these rays of light with gratitude as they reflect the light of the sun from Humanitarian Aquarius helping us grow inwardly.  With our psychological receptivity enhanced towards playful creativity from fiery Leo our self expression may really seek us to live to our highest virtues and to

only Value what is valuable

A Course in Miracles

As the moon is trine to Mars returning home to Aries and Venus sits in Sagittarius.  Aries reenforces growth and confidence and Sagittarius exploration and freedom, as all the fire signs bring their warmth we are simply far more inclined to feel self assured in our ability to share who we really are with others, in a loving generous and even passionate way.  We could find ourselves naturally attracting a different flow of events into our lives as Mercury sits also in Aquarius and brings a sense of progressivity to our thoughts and the ability to envision ways to be creative.

That the solution and the problem can always be found in the same place

A Course in Miracles

Mercury is however square in Juipter in Ophiuchus, giving us a gentle reminder of the need for discipline on our path to self awareness.. and that cultivating a legacy takes patience and perseverance.


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