October Full Moon 2018


Full Moon in Pisces/Aries cusp

Wednesday 24th October at  4.45 pm BST


This Hunters Full Moon will rise in the large constellation of Pisces, but at 40° this watery energy will be heavily influenced by the fiery energies of Aries.
Fire and water create steam, a powerful force that makes us advance and rise. Fire gives us energy, water helps us to embrace the movement. This movement may be gentle, but it is more likely that we will be caught in a tumultuous torrent… But we will change and the movement is inevitable.
With Mars conjunct to the Sun and Uranus conjunct to the Moon, these oppositions will liberate us from stasis bringing revolutionary change and subsequently a feeling of freedom, new perspectives and enthusiasm. Once you have decided, these aspects will increase your energy tenfold and give you momentum and determination; and as a sauna they will also help you to relax.
You better prepare for rapid changes in your life, because we are being propelled to one of a higher vibration and fulfilment.  If you know which direction to take, you will be pushed with surprising grace and ease.  If this is not clear in your mind, it may be that something unexpected will happen. So expect the unexpected and enjoy the changes that are coming. The energy of this Full Moon is very playful, calling us to enjoy life and have a little fun.
And don’t forget that everything will happen for your own good.

Whether you go up the ladder or down it
Wherever you stand your position will be shaky
When you Stand with both feet on the ground
You will always keep your balance

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