RamDas’s Birthday


Mantra Celebration 

Tuesday 09th October at 19.30-22.00pm



Guru Guru Whahey Guru

Guru RamDas


This Tuesday evening we will use the monthly Satsanga to celebrate Yogi Ramdas’s birthday.  In his life time this beautiful being performed many healing miracles as he attained what is known as Christ consciousness.

Greatly assisted by the energy of the New Moon and in search for the truth that lies within us all we will chant the above mantra for two and a half hours.  The abstraction of  the mind created by the repetition of rhythmic sound creates space for all types of healing.  Last year was a great experience and your presence will make it even more powerful, courage it is not as hard as that :-).
For my efforts to help you keep the distance I ask……….
For either a monetary donation, a candle, a bottle of water or something else of your choice.

It is your hearts and voices that count

If you can not join us in person, chant along out loud or in your heart.  Or let me know so I can hold your essence in our space.

Love and Light

OM Shanti


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