World Peace Day 2018


Finding the peace within

Friday 21st September 2018  at 20.30 – 23.00

Studio de Saint Pabu


How can I best serve the greatest good at this time? By freeing up old beliefs you create more space within you to receive impressions on how best to serve the greatest good in joy.  Without discouraging and exhausting beliefs about your worth, you will have more energy to devote to your intuition and guidance.

Using deep relaxation, breathing techniques and Mantra this 2.5 hour practise has been designed to reveal the peace that ultimately lies within us all.

We can not find this peace unless we first acknowledge the shadows that we cling to, whether it be in judgment of ourselves or others, fears simply block the light.  By gently bringing to our conscious minds to our limiting beliefs, we can relax into the bodies desire to tremble and once and for all release the blocks and tensions that lead to a feeling of separation.

Life is Union


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