September Full Moon 2018


Full Moon in Pisces

Tuesday 25th September at 02.52 am BST


This month the Full Moon reflects the light of the Sun from the depth of Pisces and the 8th House.  Remember Pisces is all about seeking and finding peace within the Ebb and Flow of life and the 8th House concerns the areas of our life relating to non-attachment, acceptance, transparency and a deeper communion with self.  The Moon is reflecting this light from the Sun in Virgo and the 2nd House.. which would high light the need for resourcefulness, values and self-worth.  Mercury, the Ruler of Virgo, is in opposition to the Moon, asking us how we can use our minds and communication skills to improve ourselves, our environment and aid others to do the same.

Mars with it’s position in the Earth sign Capricorn, (building a Legacy through discipline, patience and perseverance), creates a harmonising aspect with the Sun.  Suggesting that any actions taken in improving ourselves, will consequently have an enlightening and harmonising effect on all our relationships..

Love thy Neighbour as thy Loves thy self

Would be much better understood and attainable if we first asked with true sincerity…

What would somebody who loves themselves Do?

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