June Full Moon 2018


Full Moon in Sagittarius

Thursday 28th June at 04.53 am BST


As I write, the Moon presently sits in Ophiucus the constellation of deep healing.  By Thursday she will have travelled over the Galactic centre and rise in the adventurous and life affirming Constellation of Sagittarius.  Between now and then Mars, the ruler of Ophucius, will go retrograde.  Mars is the planet that symbolises our drive and motivation; it’s the energy that fuels our intentions.

From our perspective on Earth, Mars will look like he stands still and then travel backwards through the constellation of Capricorn, the sign of Legacy.  For the next two Months, Mars is inviting us to pause and re-assess our inner needs and ambitions.  When balanced Capricorn is that Earth energy that manifests as dedication and discipline and we are able to pursue our goals with self-determined action.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius is a beautiful dose of philosophical optimism.  The mutable fire element of this constellation brings warmth and freedom into our way of being. Like a rising phoenix  there is a feeling of expansion, freedom of spirit and liberation.  With Venus moving into fiery Leo, the constellation of self-expression playfulness and generosity, our feminine qualities of embracing life and all it’s inherent beauty are further emphasised.  So while Mars and our Masculine qualities take a break from implementing and take the time to assess the route cause of our actions, we can be open to all that life has to offer, enjoy the gift of life and open ourselves to all that this Life has to give us.


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