April Full Moon 2018


Full Moon in Virgo

 Monday 30th April at 00.58 am (BST)

From tiny acorns, great Oaks grow

Although the Full Moon will rise in Virgo, it lies at the end of this constellation, so will be touched by the energies of Libra too.  The Earth sign of Virgo encourages us to integrate our receptive qualities and Libra to seek reciprocity and harmony in our personal and interpersonal relationships.  We have spent the last two months with the highly spiritual energies of Pisces influencing our consciousness.  Now at the high point of this lunar month, with the Sun illuminating the moon from Aries, it’s time to take the initiative and take action. To embody and ground our spiritual awareness into our day to day activities.  Virgo symbolises the need to be pragmatic, to cultivate discipline with the willingness to progress and shift our awareness to the task at hand and Libra to remain balanced and non judgemental.  With Mercury still in Pisces, our minds will help us find peace and tranquility in the here and now.  The Moon is conjunct to Jupiter, which rules Libra and so there will be a natural sense of possibility and even adventure.  With the Moon trine to Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, there will be a willingness to go with the flow and a subtle sense of assuredness  that if we do, all will be well.  The sextile to Saturn will just help us to feel grounded, patient and to see the bigger picture.



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