April New Moon 2018


New Moon April 2018

Monday 16th April 01:57 BST

As WE prepare for this Months New Moon and a quiet time of reflection, there is still a LOT of watery energy in the heavens.  The New Moon is once again in the feminine, intuitive constellation of Pisces along with Uranus and Chiron and Mercury, but Venus, with our hearts and relationships, has moved into vibrant Aries, bringing confidence and will power to initiate new dynamics.  Where as last month we were watching the snow fall, this month we are watching the buds of spring open.


Jupiter is retrograde in Libra and trines Neptune, residing in Aquarius, and Saturn in Sagittarius. It’s again a second chance to take a look at how our choices and belief’s create our lives.  Neptune is also trine with Venus and Mars, calling us to keep the faith, to release to the unknown and to release all doubt.  That we can really do better than our Best, that abundance is our natural state of being and if we truly just let go and get out of our own way, everything will literally just fall into place.

I am infinity abundant in Spirit
I have plenty of wealth
My riches increase everyday

Stewart Pearce

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