March Insights



Although the principle energy for this Full Moon will be derived from the Earth sign Virgo and centred around self improvement; how we implement this growth will be influenced by certain Aspects.  These  Aspects depend on the alignment of the other planets and the constellations that they lie within.

The larger Outer planets move slowly and hence change Constellation slowly.  For the Blue Moon of March 2018 – Neptune can be found in Aquarius; Uranus in Pisces;  Saturn in Sagittarius; Jupiter in Libra and Pluto also in Pisces.

The smaller inner planets change sign far more rapidly due to the size of their Orbits, currently Mercury is in the constellation of Pisces (but is retrograde, that is it appears to travel backwards, it might help to think of this as a spirograph). Venus is in Sagittarius, Mars also in Pisces along with the Asteroid Chiron.

With every Full Moon, our Earths satellite (the Moon)  mirrors the light of the Sun.  As Chiron is conjunct (next to) to the Sun we are being given a second chance to embrace our capacity to heal ourselves, and others, by staying present and accepting every situation exactly as it is.
Squares are the challenges or blocks that limit our perceptions, but when integrated bring reconciliation.  As the Moon is square to venus and Jupiter and to Mercury and Mars, there might be resistance from our egoic mind, as we revisit old ways of investing energy and hence orchestrating our lives.  Maybe its time to see that our relationships (friends, family and acquaintances) reflect our capacity to love.IMG_3331
Trines or triangles are harmonising Aspects, being impressions that aid us.  Neptune with Jupiter, Mars and Venus, and Chiron and Jupiter; will inform us of our limiting  subconscious beliefs and help us to balancine our inner nature (yin/yang) to create new opportunities for healthy loving relationships.
Lastly sextiles are opportunities, like potential energy they are there to use if we chose to, Neptune/mercury – by traveling deep into ourselves we can free our minds; Mars/Chiron – actively taking steps towards our healing and Pluto/Jupiter allowing our intuition to guide us… We can climb the stair way back to Unity consciousness and truly feel the oneness of humanity..

I wish you all the Best
Grace and Gratitude
Om Shanti

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