On Love and Loneliness

Order is Virtue

No one can live without relationship.  You may with draw into the mountains, become a monk, a sannyasi, wander off into the desert by yourself, but you are related.  You can not escape from that absolute fact.  You can not exist in isolation.  Your mind my think that it exists in isolation, or bring about a state of isolation, but even in that isolation you are related.  Life is relationship, living is relationship.  We cannot not live if you or I have built a wall around ourselves and just peep over that wall occasionally.  Unconsciously, deeply under the wall, we are related.  I do not think we have paid a great deal of attention to this question of relationship.  Your book do not talk about relationship they talk about God, practice, methods, how to breathe, about not doing this or that, but I have been told relationship is never mentioned.

Relationship implies responsibility, as freedom does.  To be related is to live; that is life; that is existence.  And if there is disorder in that relationship, our whole society, culture goes to pieces, which is what is happening now.

So what is order, what is freedom, and what is relationship?  What is disorder?  Because when the mind really deeply, inwardly understands what brings about disorder, then out of that insight, out of that awareness, out of that observation, order naturally comes.  It is not a blueprint of what order should be; that is what we have been brought up with-a pattern that has been laid down by religions, by cultures, as to what order should be, or what order is.  The mind has tried to conform to that order, whether it is cultural order, social order, legalistic order, or religious order; it has tried to conform to the pattern established by social activity, by certain leaders, teachers.  To me that is not order because in that is implied conformity, and where there is conformity, there is disorder.  Where there is the acceptance of authority, there is disorder.  Where there is comparative existence-that is, measuring yourself against somebody, comparing yourself with somebody- there is disorder.  I will show you why………

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