Half Term Holiday Message


Happy Holiday

Monday 19th February

A little reminder that today will be the last day of classes before our winter holiday break. Classes will recommence Monday 12th March following the regular weekly planning. There will be a four hour Mini stage  Sunday 18th March and the next Monthly Kriya will be held on the 31st of March in time with the next Blue Moon! Please note that there will be not be a Kriya with the first full moon of March.

I wish you all Happy Holidays and remind you that a regular Sádhana is the key to sustained health and happiness. There are a few exercises  on the site that you can follow or chose anything that comes to mind, following YOUR intuition is imperative for the blossoming of  YOUR spiritual awareness.

Lastly, Thank you to everyone who participated in Fridays Kriya.  What wonderful energy and enthusiasm, I will post a link and email you a password to continue working with this Healing Kriya.

In love and light
Peace and joy
OM Shanti

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