January Blue Moon 2018


January Blue Moon 2018

Wednesday 31st January  13.27  GMT


This second full moon of the year, also falls in the Month of January.  This is a rare astronomical event known as a Blue Moon. Signifying a second chance to shift our perspective and ways of being  to create Health, Happiness and Harmony.
This Moon rises in the watery constellation of Cancer with its gentle, receptive and reflective feminine qualities, the heavens are calling to us to embrace our feelings and enquire into the ways by which we nurture and care for others.

Monks, let a Monk cultivate a friend whose ways are seven. What seven?  He gives what is hard to give, does what is hard to do, bears what is hard to bear, confesses his own secret, keeps others’, in want forsakes one not, despises not when one is ruined.  Verily, monks, let a monk cultivate a friend whose ways are such.

Sigālaka Sutta

Cancer is the fixed water sign and it is ruled by the Moon.  The crab with it’s tough outer shell protects the vulnerable interior, symbolising the quality of emotional stability which is necessary  in order to form healthy relationships.

……Grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console, to be understood as to understand, To be loved as to Love.. For it is in giving that we receive…..

Saint Francis of Assisi 

The sun and Venus are opposite in sign of Capricorn.  This Earth sign holds the responsible and mature qualities of dedication, discipline, patience and perseverance enabling us to build a legacy, whatever its shape and form, here in the material world.

Kalyana Mitrata  or Spiritualis Amicitia is the insight that friendship is intimately connected with the spiritual life.. and thus is we concentrate on the good and beautiful in others we will reveal those qualities in ourselves..

When two people have come in touch with one another, without any doubt, they have something in common. How should a bird fly except with its own kind?




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