January – Mini stage


Sunday January 21st 2018
Mini Stage

The wonderer of Adventure.
Exploration and optimism are prerequisites to expanding our practise, bringing purpose and freedom to our mind, body and soul.
The New moon will be in Sagittarius this month, mid-week, along with the Sun, Venus, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto..
By the weekend the energies of this philosophical sign build momentum, hence I will offer 4 hours of practise 7am -11am or a more dynamic nature.
Based on the practise of Swásthya Yoga this longer class will focus on the Gayatri Mantra (108 repetitions), Súrya Namaskára (Sun salutation repeated 108 times) and a deep Yoganindra encompassing 108 parts.
Be prepared for a liberating experience.

Due to the current size of my studio this retreat is limited to 6 people.
The studio will be open an hour in advance for self preparation and advice.


Light refreshment and companionship to follow

For those of you coming from further afield there is a possibility of accommodation
please feel free contact me with any queries.
love and light
peace and joy
Om shanti

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