January New Moon 2018


January New Moon 2018

Wednesday 21st at 02h17 (GMT)

The new moon this month will appear in the adventurous constellation of Sagittarius. It is the mutable fire element initiating exploration of life and its purpose through the expansion of mind, body and soul. Sagittarius is a philosophical sign helping to open the mind, to be optimistic and enjoy the freedom that a sense of purpose brings. This month the Sun, Venus, Saturn, Pluto and Mercury are all in Sagittarius. Asking us to look at the power of manifestation in our lives and our spirit for life, to see potentials and to entertain new ventures.
As previously mentioned New moons are a great time for retreat and introversion, giving us some space to look at what this could mean in our current situation of life.
The energies are asking us to be innovative with our time (Saturn) to explore our values and aspirations (Venus) to purposely direct our minds (Mercury) to channel our life force (Sun) to over come our fears and inhibitions (Pluto) and hence consciously create New beginnings.

We must enter the battlefield and conquer…….
He too must carry the Yoke he came to unloose;
He too must bear the pang that he would heal…….

Sri Aurobindo…The Secret

Helping us to see how we can use the fire of transmutation, to be open to make changes and see things in a new light; burn away limiting thought patterns, release inhibitions and see potentials and basically helping us to think big.. This is all aided by Jupiter (expansion and positivity) which sextiles Pluto..Simply encouraging and helping us face our fears and open up to the abundance of possibilities life has to offer and chose what makes us happy.

True freedom is to live as if you had chosen entirely what you feel or experience in the moment. This deep fusion with the Present is the end of suffering.

Eckhart Tolle


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