October Harvest Moon 2017


October Harvest Moon 2017

Thursday 5 October 18.40 GMT

In accordance to Vedic and Egyptian astrology the full moon this month is in Pisces.
This energy squares to Pluto so emphasises the dreaminess of Pisces and uncertainty.
Pluto is about facing our fears and non attachment. About being aware of what we are afraid of and taking ACTION.
Pluto helps us accept the worse case scenario within our minds and emotions, so it is liberating.
When we are no longer attached to the outcome we can take steps that we would not normally have the courage to take.
Pluto is challenging but transforming, empowering and therefore healing.
Pluto is in Sagittarius, so its about our World view and clashes within the collective..Its having a perspective on our life view and what we are actually experiencing.
Synchronistically, within a few hours of the full moon we have a Venus/Mars conjunction. A totally different energy.. They have been getting closer all week. It’s Passion especially in our interpersonal relationships. Its attractiveness and as its happening in Leo, so it’s incredibly creative..
Leo is about enjoying the lighter side of life, having fun, laughing.
This meeting of the masculine and feminine is deep, open, true and vulnerable ..
Its the meeting of Yin and Yang in the sky and is very receptive yet active
And it softens this strong Piscean full moon.

Pisces symbolises finding peace in the present moment, its the last sign of the zodiac, so it coming full circle and surrendering and letting go of the material world, whilst staying grounded. Letting go of attachments and entering into PEACE.
It’s image of the two fishes swimming in opposite directions, tied by two cords (of consciousness) that meet at one single point.
Its about accepting our reality on Earth and the duality of our existence.
Pisces is a mutable sign,
The pisces full moon is about seeing both sides of the coin.. the positive and the negative, the feminine and the masculine.
Being centred in harmony.
Pisces is also about our interconnectivity to the collective, its about depth, about being lost in the Ocean of consciousness and accepting not knowing what the future has in store and hence finding strength in the singularity of the NOW moment.
A single point of source energy or GOD.
It’s about our connections to each other, the world at large and to the universe at large.
Its dreamy energy.
It is hard for human minds to let go, we often want to figure things out, understand and explain, so Pisces can create uncertainty, doubt and a feeling of like you are not quite HERE.
So be receptive, listen to your intuition. The full moon is an active energy, we are illuminated, its not about retreat. If we can accept where we NOW to ourselves to our lives we can find the keys to peace..
It’s the teachings of the Christic and Buddhic masters.


In contrast to this Piscean energy we have the energy of the sun in Virgo and Virgo is about the material world. It’s the maiden and her harvest of wheat, our survival in the material world, not primal but practical. So though we are accepting all the things that we do not have control of, there are loads of things that we do have control of..
So its about setting priorities.
Using our minds to figure things out,
refinement, self improvement.
Routine and organisation.
Taking care of our needs and the needs of others
and being of service.

So have fun, do good and live in the moment.

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