Each of us possesses within us a light
A light of consciousness
A single point of pure joy, ecstasy.
Yogi’s have called this awareness Samadhi, of which there a few levels.
Christian teachings call this Christ consciousness.

So now its time for me to share the Light of my soul.
To share what inspires me
“what turns me on!”
These are my Adventures of consciousness, in a gradual unfolding of a bigger picture.
Whilst we vibrate here on planet Earth.

We are all teachers in life and we are all teaching at every moment.
The key is to teach consciously.
We are all learners of Life
The key is to be a happy learner.
This site is a conscious choice to share, expose my true-self.

We have been Warriors of LIGHT
We have been Workers of LIGHT
Now I stand as a Weaver of LIGHT

With one soul intension of unification in a tapestry of golden Light.
So collectively we can shine brighter.
Smile boldly.
Laugh whole heartedly
And dance to the Rhythm of Grace and Gratitude.

In realising we are co-creating our physical existence
and consciously deciding to build a civilisation of
Justice and LOVE.

Image from  Stewart Pearce